What is the JugendPolitCamp?

The JugendPolitCamp (JPC) is a barcamp for teenagers and young adults. The participants decide together what they want to talk about. They exchange knowledge and talk about topics from politics and society.

The JPC (#jpc20) takes place for the eighth time this year. It is open to teenagers and young adults from 14 to 27 years. Actually it takes place in the ABC Education and Conference Centre near Hamburg. This year, due to the Corona crisis, we are planning it purely digitally for the first time.

The JPC costs money, but we don't want to exclude anyone. Therefore we offer different prices. If a donation for the organization of the event is possible for you, please give a self-assessment and a price of your choice. The donation is tax deductible.
If you can't afford it, you can also participate for free.

Because we want to enable as many people as possible to pay online, we have Paypal as a payment option besides bank transfers. But we are happy if it is possible for you to make a regular bank transfer so that the money goes completely to us and not to the payment service.

How will the JPC work?

For the sessions we use Zoom, an online provider for video conferencing. Of course you don't have to show your video yourself. You can either participate with audio only or with audio and video. In addition to video and audio meetings, Zoom also offers the possibility to share your own screen - so presentations are no problem. More information about Zoom will available before the start of the #jpc20.

We have also set up our own Discord server, we will send you the link to it. Discord is a free software that allows us all to get together, write and talk to each other in different areas. All important announcements and arrangements take place there, as well as the written communication during the JPC. It's best to download and have a look around before the JPC Discord!

Apart from that, there won't be much change in the schedule and the organization. We will continue to meet every morning to plan the sessions for the day together, and then conduct them throughout the day. Documentation is especially important this time, for that we will use doku.jugendpolit.camp.

We ask for some personal data such as address and gender when you register. This is necessary for our funding partners. Your personal data will not be published anywhere, they are only important for us as organizers and for the funding partners. For the event itself you can of course use another name of your choice.

The presale period for this event is over.


April 10th – 13th, 2020
Begin: 10:00
End: 14:00
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If you already ordered a ticket

If you want to see or change the status and details of your order, click on the link in one of the emails we sent you during the order process. If you cannot find the link, click on the following button to request the link to your order to be sent to you again.